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Mrs. Bertothy

  • Hello Parents

    For my replacement ELA students I will continue to set up google meet meetings each week.  


    Week of 5/4 assignments are posted on google classroom. An overview of the week is below taken from my google classroom page. class code HVVan7x

    This week you will read the the poem below "Sipping the Sunset" and answer some questions about the poem. Please take your time and give thoughtful answers. Remember to use a restate to begin your response and support your answers with good text evidence.
    Day 1 Read the poem "Sipping the Sunset" and answer questions 1 and 2 about the poem on the google doc below.
    Day 2 reread the poem and answer questions 3 and 4 about the poem on the google doc below.
    Day 3 Take the quiz on the poem "Sipping in the Sunset" attached below
    Day 4 Please read/listen to "CASEY AT THE BAT" this can be found on our class code is FSBV5J. Once you have listened to the poem answer the short questions below. I hope you enjoy the poem. It is about a baseball game and what happens when the crowd is depending on a player to win the game.
    Friday day 5 is a day to continue with the weeks assignments, if all work is complete please read a book of your choice for 20 minutes and do iready lessons for 20 minutes.



    WEEK of May 11th   CLASS code is HVVan7x

    This week you will read two related passages "Icy History" and "Ice Cream for All". Once you click on the link below you will be able to read the text from the "The Story Tab" or you can click on the "Resources tab" and there you will be able to listen to the text as well. It would be best to read and listen to both texts before beginning to answer any questions.

    Monday- read and listen to the two texts "Icy History" and "Ice Cream for All" . Once you have both listened and read the two texts you may begin to answer the "Think About it Questions" posted below. Please remember to begin with a restate and cite good text evidence.

    Tuesday- Continue to work on the "Think About It" questions. Remember to start with a restate and cite good text evidence.

    Wednesday-Reread the text if necessary and complete the compare and contrast exercise below.

    Thursday- Reread the two texts if necessary and complete the Summary.

    Friday- take the quiz on the the texts"Icy History" and "Ice Cream for All".

    AS ALWAYS please reach out with any questions you may have!


    Week of May 18th 

    You can access our google classroom with code HVVAN7X   There you will find additional information as well as a video on making inferences.

    This week I assigned articles on You can access this site by logging in through google as you did for "Casey at the Bat". All articles chosen this week have a focus on Making Inferences. We infer every time we read and answer questions but I thought this short video would be a good refresher to watch. You will have the ability to read and listen to each text posted.
    Monday- Read "Robot Helpers" and answer the questions

    Tuesday- Read "Space Vacation" and answer the questions

    Wednesday- Read "All Split up" and answer the questions

    Thursday- Read " Rain Forest Rescue" and answer the questions




    If you have any questions please feel free to email me I will be available between the hours of 10-2 daily. 

    Mrs. Bertothy