1. Do I need to sign up again if I played an instrument last year?

    - Yes! 


    2. Why do we have to put a second choice instrument?

    - I need to need to put together a balanced band (some of each instrument) and make sure the lesson groups aren't too big so I can see that you're getting as much help as possible! First year band students will be notified of which instrument they were selected to play. Second year band students will be permitted to continue playing the same instrument they did last year, if they wish. 


    3. How do lessons work?

    - Students will be put into a group of like-instruments with students who have similar experience. This group will meet once a week at various times during the school day. I usually use a rotating schedule to prevent students form missing the same subject too often. Students will be expected to maintain an at-home practice regiment in addition to their weekly lessons, so please make sure there is a location at home where you can make some noise! Keep in mind that students will be responsible for making up the class instruction and assignments missed during their lesson.


    4. How do I get an instrument?

    - Families are expected to rent or purchase the materials required for band lessons. This will include an instrument, lesson book, and some accessories. I will send out information about shops that deal with school rentals shortly after 9/25. Please do not rent or buy anything until you have heard from me!


    5. I submitted my form... now what?

    - Just wait! You will hear from me as soon as we are ready for you to move forward with getting what you need for the year.