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  • Updated Health and Physical Education Standards

    At Grice, I currently teach 7th and 8th grade Physical Education as well as 6th grade Health. I believe that through identifying key behaviors of good health, I am able to guide my students toward good health and set OUR youth up for success!





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  •  What is Health like at Grice?

    Health is a semester (2 marking periods) course filled with various units. Just to name a few of these Units we have Basic Health & Wellness which outline personal hygiene, basic health care, sleep and how to prevent diseases. Also we have Nutrition Basics, Home/school/online Safety, Introduction to Tobacco/Vaping, and Puberty and Adolescence. Lastly, Officer Sal, our school resource officer comes into the classroom for a ten day unit offering the LEAD Program. All in all, these sixth graders have the opportunity to learn an abundance of knowledge that they can carry with them throughout their teenage years into adulthood.

    What is PE like at Grice?

    In Middle School Physical Education, which is another semester course, students will discover new ways to move, practice, and perform. Students will have the opportunity to pick electives including an individual, team, or fitness acitivty. These electives include but are not limited to basketball, soccer, badminton, handball, pickleball, wiffle ball, flag football, juggling, circuits, and our walking/running acitivites on our course. Students will also have exposure to various other cooperative indoor team games. 

    I hope that your sons/daughters make the best decisions to set them up for a great year at GMS.

    *Any classwork not finished during class time should be finished that night, ready to go for the next day. Sttudents will always be given time to finish work during class.