Degrees and Certifications:

M.Ed. Special Education B.A. Education

Ms. Hammond

Ms. Hammond

6, 7, 8 Self-Contained Social Studies

This year in Social Studies, we will be following an adapted 7th grade World Geography curriculum. We will explore the culture, history, and religion of different regions.  Learners will work collaboratively and individually, participating in hands-on social studies activities throughout the semester. Students will be given a participation grade as part of their individual practice. This is a half year course.


We will provide a folder that will stay in the classroom. All notes and handouts will be kept in the folder. Learners will be expected to name and date each assignment to keep things organized. 


Please bring a pencil and Chromebook to each class. Learners will be notified ahead of time if they should bring earbuds or headphones for a class assignment. Any other supplies will be provided as needed. 


Information about the class can be found in the “Week at a Glance” on Google Classroom. 


Classroom Expectations:

  •  Be respectful
  •  Be on time
  •  Follow all directions
  •  Be prepared


Contact Information: If for any reason during the school year I need to be contacted please feel free to do so by emailing me at

Grading Scale

  •  50% Summative Grades
  •  40% Formative
  •  10% Individual Practice (Do nows)

Attention Parents/Guardians:

  1. Please visit your child’s Powerschool Portal to view ALL upcoming due dates for assessments, projects and homework.

  1. Students will be given 1 WEEK to complete and submit a formative or summative assignment. Teachers will use their discretion about dropping points for late assignments.  If not handed in for partial credit after one week, the assignment will receive a Zero.

  2. Assignments that are not submitted on time will have a “0” place holder UNTIL the assignment is completed and submitted.  Once a grade is placed, the Zero is removed.