• Hello! My name is Jordan Bilicki, I am the 6th and 7th grade general music teacher and the 8th grade band co-director! My e-mail is jbilicki@htsdnj.org. As my 5th year in the district, 4th year at Reynolds, I am so grateful to be teaching music in this district!

    Welcome to General Music!




    During the 2022/2023 School year, General Music will be broken into 2 major sections:

    Section 1 

    (September-June for 6/7)  - Students will be given these months to examine the basic structure of playing piano. Students will learn about 5 finger patterns in all 12 keys, cadences, major scales in the primary music scales, and how to sight read basic melodic phrases. Students will be graded at the end of the week, respective to their cycle day. Students will also be responsible for knowing scales and 5 finger patterns during the course of the year, and be able to play a 5 finger pattern in any key before the Thanksgiving break (this will be a grade).

    Section 2

    (April to June for 6/7) - Students will take previous knowledge about piano, and create a final project consisting of famous musicians. As part of their final exam, they will be required to play a song written by these musicians. 

    Grading Policy:

    Grading Policy for District (50% Summative, 40% Formative, 10% Ind. Practice)

    My expectations are that students come ready to learn the piano and give 100% effort every day. Perfect Practice makes perfect!


    Attention Parents/Guardians:

    Please visit your child's Powerschool Portal to view all upcoming due dates for assessments, projects, and homework