Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Jennifer Pell



Hello and thank you for visiting my page. My greatest joys in life are being a mother and being a teacher. I also enjoy reading (almost anything), writing, theatre, traveling, nature and animals.  I feel truly blessed that I get to spend my life doing, and surrounded, by all the things I love the most.

I'm so lucky to teach English because it's special – it gives students a voice. I show students that words are powerful things; they're the things that influence people and instigate change in the world. Ultimately, you want kids to be able to compete with those who have the most power – people who often come from the wealthiest backgrounds. The only way to prove what power language has is to show them the best texts that have ever been written or spoken. That's why I'll happily teach them anything from Cicero's speeches to Chaucer or Charles Dickens: I want to give my kids access to the best possible literature available.

I am also the newspaper advisor and the theater director here at Crockett. Please come by and see me in B12 if you are interested in becoming involved in either of those activities. In my experience, my greatest regrets are the chances I didn't take and the opportunities I wasted. So, I always encourage my students to try different things and to get involved in as many activities as possible. 

“You cannot swim for new horizons until you have courage to lose sight of the shore.” ―William Faulkner