• American Law

    Period 1 - Room 214

    Period 8 - S204

    All information is located in the Google Classroom associated with this class.  I encourage all parents to join their student's Google Classroom accounts to view assignments.  Please email me at kljames@htsdnj.org with any questions or concerns.

    Course Description:

    This is a half-year elective course that covers many different topics about the US legal system.  American Law is broken up into American Law 1 and 2.  We will be covering the basics of law, rights as a US citizen, advocacy groups, the court system, the legal system and process, crimes against the person and property, defenses and lawyers, the investigation process, trials, sentencing, juvenile justice, and torts and marriage between American Law 1 and 2.  Students will also search for and discuss current events and relate them to the units and topics from this course.  In this class, students are expected to be respectful of one another and know their rights to become a responsibly informed and contributing citizen.