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All Art assignments for grades K-2 are posted on Seesaw. Demo videos, directions, and examples may be found attached to the activity. Students can submit photos of their work by clicking the green "Add Response" button attached to the activity. Press the photo option and take a picture. Students can also post videos or voice recordings to describe their artwork.

All art assignments for grades 3-5 can be found on Google Classroom. The presentations used in class are attached to each assignment so students can view them outside of art class. Students can submit photos of their artwork through Google Classroom via a Google Doc or Google Slides. When on the assignment, select "Add or Create." Then, click on the blue doc icon. Once in the Google Doc, click "insert" and then "image." After you click "image," click "Camera." If the camera does not immediately turn on, please make sure to click "allow" to use your camera while in Google Docs. Take the photo then press insert once you see your pictures highlighted in blue. Press the grey "turn-in" button on the top right of your Google Doc. Press "turn in" again once you are taken back to Google Classroom. Please make sure to upload photos of your artwork!!


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