The District Community Relations Committee better known as "DCR"  was originally created with intention of creating a platform in which the greater Hamilton Township community can interact and engage with school district personnel on issues involving diversity, race and equity. The committee has transitioned into a collective of thoughtful members of the school district and community who have come together to aide in the development and creation of sustainable change for the betterment of students and families within the school district.

     Current DCR Overview

    Utilizing the information gathered from the HTSD’s equity assessment and plan identify areas of improvement that can be addressed at the district level.

    Develop SMART goal recommendations that can be shared with district leadership to help increase equity and diversity within the district, in order to assist in the district’s addressing of areas of improvement in the equity plan.

    Assist in the development of attainable goals that are in alignment with the HTSD’s five year Strategic Plan.

    Support HTSD in addressing current local, national and international issues associated with equity that may impact student learning.

    2020-2021 Co-chairs


    Mr. Rashaan Monroe, Vice-Principal, Albert E. Grice Middle School