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  • 6th Grade Curriculum 


    Course Description:

    This is a required course for all sixth grade students and is an integral part of the District's K-12 social studies program. This course introduces the students to the study of early civilizations. Students will explore the civilizations of Ancient Egypt, Rome, and Greece and  understand how these ancient civilizations have influenced our modern western civilization. A brief review of geography & map skills is incorporated at the beginning of the course with an emphasis on the countries and geography of Europe and Asia.  


    This course prepares the students for further geographic study in the seventh grade, as well as provides the basis for a study of World History in eleventh grade. 


    Unit 1: Geography and Early Humans

    Unit 2: Mesopotamia

    Unit 3: Ancient Egypt

    Unit 4: Ancient Greece

    Unit 5: Ancient Rome 


    Grading Scale (See Syllabus):

    50% Summative Grades (tests, summative projects)

    40% Formative (quizzes, mini projects, writing)

    10% Individual Practice (classwork, homework) 


    Google Classroom Codes:

    Semester 1 Periods 1+3: xwl2m4i

    Semester 1 Periods 4+6: nosvdfg

    Semester 1 Periods 7+9: a6lfqj4



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