About Mercerville Elementary School

  • Mercerville School believes in the development of the whole child as each student progresses through the elementary grades. Our academic program and extracurricular activities are designed to meet that goal. 

    Our program of instruction includes an integrated approach to language arts literacy. Students participate in a 90 minute literacy block which includes whole group instruction, small guided reading groups and literacy stations. Developmental writing programs are present at all grade levels. Our mathematics program is standards based and provides 80 minutes daily of mathematical concept development and practice. The content areas of Science and Social Studies are taught through projects, hands on activities and experiments. All curriculum areas are taught in the context of the Common Core Standards.

    Throughout the school year, the entire school community continues to focus on Character Education. Peacemaking skills and problem solving techniques have been topics discussed and developed with our students. Through classroom lessons and activities, assemblies, and school-wide incentives, we teach children that not all heroes have super human strength or the ability to fly. There are many heroes that touch our lives each and every day and we can make a conscientious decision to be a hero to those around us through simple acts such as: including someone who has no one to play with, holding the door, and using our manners.

    Development of the whole child continues to be expressed in the offering of vocal music, art, library, physical education/health and American Sign language to all students. Instrumental music programs are available for interested students in grades 3-5. We continue to add and upgrade our technology with Smart Boards, new computers, portable laptop carts and selected software to enhance our curriculum in the classroom and at home. 

    The students, staff and parents are dedicated to strengthen our students’ self-confidence and sensitivity to the diverse characteristics of our school community. The involvement and support of our PTA helps us provide enrichment and cultural experiences for our students as well as book fairs, fun days, ice skating parties, classroom parties, assemblies, field trips and much more. These cooperative efforts keep the Mercerville community well informed and active in the lives of our future, the children.


    Mercerville Mission Statement 

    At Mercerville Elementary School, we believe that inclusion matters and that all children can and will learn.  To ensure that all children will reach their potential, we will maintain high expectations and promote academic excellence for all students. 


    We will create and support a school environment in which all children and adults feel welcomed, respected, trusted, and an important part of the school. We will foster a positive school climate and caring community which respects and values diversity and nurtures everyone’s self esteem.


    Through classroom lessons, school-wide programs, special events, and consistent communication with families, we seek to ensure that all students, teachers, and parents understand and can apply social emotional learning skills. Together we can raise productive, independent, and lifelong learners.  


    Once a Mountain Lion, always a Mountain Lion!