Nurse's Corner

  • Pauline Weeden, RN, BSN, CSN
    Mercerville Elementary School Nurse
    phone: (609) 631-4159 ext 3980 fax: 609-631-4127


    Please review the attached Illness Exclusion letter for guidelines to control the spread of communicable diseases

                                                                       Illness Exclusion Letter

    Prevent the spread of respiratory illness:

              Cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue or cough into a sleeve, not hands

              Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth

              Wash hands for a least 20 seconds, especially after coughing or sneezing

              Use alcohol based sanitizer if soap and water not available

              Have your child stay home if they are sick, especially with a fever or vomiting


     Coronavirus Resources

                       Talking with children about Coronavirus Disease CDC

                       Talking to children about COVID-19

    Immunizations continue to be a State requirement

                       Immunizations Required for School Attendence

                       Immunization Letter Requirements for 5th Grade Students


               Remember to call the Attendance Line at (609) 631-4159, option #4 and leave a message if your child is going to be late or absent from school. 

    Food Allergies

               Food allergies are a serious issue in the classroom. Please be respectful of children with allergies so that they may safely enjoy the celebration.We encourage food free celebrations. A few suggestions are stickers, pencils or erasers. Thank you for your cooperation.


              Medication, either prescribed or over the counter, can not be given by the School Nurse unless the Administration of Medication Form is completed by both the parent and physician.    The parent must bring the medication to school in the original pharmacy labeled container. 

                        Administration of Medication Form

    Emergency Contact Information

               Be sure your child's Emergency contact information is kept up-to-date thru Power School in the event that your child is sick or injured and needs to be picked up from school.   

    Absence due to Fever

                Do not send your child back to school unless they are fever free for 24 hours without the use of Tylenol, Advil or Motrin.

    Health Record

                 If your child has an allergic reaction, operation, injury, disease or any other health condition, please update the Health Office by calling (609)631-4159 ext 3980.

    Physical Forms

                 All kindergarten, fourth grade and transfer students need to submit a copy of a health physical to the Health Office. 

                          Universal Physical Form

    Kindergarten Registration

                  Bring to Kindergarten Registration: 1) Written evidence of immunizations 2) Completed Student Health History Form and 3) Completed Physical Examination Form.

                          Immunizations Required for School Attendence

                          Student Health History Form

                          Universal Physical Form

Health Services Forms and Documents