Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Schulte

About Me

Thank you for visiting my page!  I earned my undergraduate degree from Rider University with a BA in History and Secondary Education and my Masters in American History from Pace University.  I have been teaching Middle and High School Social Studies for almost two decades.

I also work as a National Park Ranger at Independence National Historical Park over the summers, and am involved with a number of historical and educational organizations, such as the New Jersey Studies Academic Alliance, the National Council for Social Studies, The American Revolution Institute of the Society of Cincinnati, and the James Madison Memorial Foundation.  

I am currently teaching 8th grade History and Civics at Reynolds Middle School.  All of our resources can be found in the individual courses Google Classroom.    

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Classroom Philosophy / Expectations

Our class is a community of learners.
When one of us succeeds, we all succeed.
We will respect each other's time, property, and opinions.
We will celebrate each other's accomplishments.
We will grow together throughout the semester.
We will work hard each and every day to achieve our goals.
When we need help, we will ask our teachers for assistance.
We will always try our best!

Daily Requirements:

  1. Chromebook (headphones recommended)
  2. Writing tools (pen or pencil)

Rules and Expectations:

  1. Arrive on time
  2. No Eating/Drinking or Gum/Candy
  3. Be present and engaged!
  4. Be respectful to others
  5. No cell phones/Earbuds*
  6. No hoods/hats

It is very important that these rules are followed so that all students have an opportunity to learn.  Please review all district policies and rules as they also apply.  *Please note that on occasion, students will utilize their headphones when completing assignments (e.g. EdPuzzles). Students should bring their headphones to class each day, but they may only be used under teacher instruction.   

Curriculum Overview
US History I (1754 - 1877)

Unit 1 (Revolution) September 17 - October 1
Topics covered: French and Indian War, American Revolution, Revolutionary War
~1754 - 1783

Unit 2 (New Nation) October 4 - November 8
Topics covered: Constitution, Washington's Administration, Adams' Administration
~1783 - 1800 (heavy emphasis on the Constitution & Bill of Rights)

Unit 3 (Expanding Nation) November 15 - December 17
Topics covered: Jefferson Administration, Industrial Revolution, Westward Expansion
~1783 - 1850

Unit 4 (House Divided) December 20 - January 28
Topics covered: Civil War (causes, effects, battles) and Reconstruction
~1850 - 1877

History Skills: critical reading, analyzing primary/secondary sources, selecting appropriate text-based evidence, writing

*This schedule is subject to change. Students/families will be made aware of changes to the schedule.

Grading Policy

50% Summatives (minimum 3 per M.P.) - tests, major projects, essays
40% Formatives (minimum 5 per M.P.) - quizzes, mini projects, exit slips (on occasion)
10% Independent Practice (minimum 5 per M.P.) - classwork, homework, small assignments, exit slips (on occasion)

STUDENTS: see me if you have any questions about how to calculate your average.
PARENTS: please email me if you have any questions about grades.

Attention Parents/Guardians

Please visit your child's PowerSchool Portal to view all upcoming due dates for assessments, projects, and homework.