Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Jamie Carney

Hi there! I'm Mrs. Carney and I'm one of the Life Science teachers at Nottingham High. This year I'm teaching Environmental Science B, Environmental Science A and Anatomy and Physiology. 

The question I get the most is about homework. My students have time in class to complete all the assignments I give them. If for some reason they do not finish their assignment in class, they will have to finish it at home. The only supplies they'll need is a chromebook, charger and something to write with.Everything else I will supply them with!

If your student is struggling in any subject, we offer free tutoring after school. It is called Empower Hour and is available to all students with teachers in all subjects. If you would like more information you can reach out to the main office or send me an email.

Thank you for sharing your students with me this year!