About Robinson Elementary School

  • Robinson School provides a quality educational program that addresses the intellectual, social, physical and emotional growth of our students while delivering a curriculum that meets their diverse needs. 

    Our program of study includes a comprehensive approach to English Language Arts. Students participate in a literacy block which includes word work, comprehension and guided reading instruction. Writer’s Workshop is utilized in grades K-5. In Kindergarten, we use Kid-writing to emphasize emergent writing skills. In later grades, our students work on writing narrative, informational and argumentative writing pieces. Reading and writing are linked together, and students often use computers to research information and produce written work. 

    Our mathematics programming is differentiated and standards-based. Students spend 70 minutes daily engaged in the use of manipulatives, drawings, conceptual language and problem-solving strategies to help students build mathematical ideas and practice routines. Guided math and small group instruction provides opportunities for all students to succeed. 

    Students at Robinson School also learn about science, social studies, health and character education. Students attend specials classes weekly, which include gym, music, art and library. 

    The Robinson Staff participates in professional development opportunities throughout the school year. Research-based Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) have also been established to facilitate ongoing articulation which receives full support from the principal. As a result, best practices and proven strategies are integrated into the classroom. 

    Our local community is kept informed of all aspects of the educational program through ongoing communications between the school and home with input from its committee representatives in the PTA. We are proud that our Robinson PTA is extremely active and promotes our students' best interests with financial support, volunteering time and talent, and helping to serve as important advocates for children and education. 

    Robinson School has a lot of pride in several programs that originated in our school and are still going strong today. The "ROBIN" Program, involving senior volunteers in our day-to-day school activities, started at Robinson School and serves a very useful purpose throughout our school and the Hamilton Township School District. Similarly, the "Young Astronaut Program" also had its inception here at Robinson School, and features an interdisciplinary curriculum, along with a special “Rocket Day” celebration for our 4th grade students. 

    Character education and conflict resolution are all important initiatives at Robinson School. Our staff is trained on conflict resolution and Win/Win strategies. It is our goal to make Robinson School a inclusive and peaceful place to learn and grow.