• The mission of Sayen Elementary is to ensure that our students develop into respectful, kind and honest problem-solvers.  Our learning community cultivates responsible students who strive for social, emotional and academic excellence. The staff, families, community, and students of Sayen Elementary School collaborate to foster a positive learning environment for all students.

    Students will grow in the following areas: intellectual, social, aesthetic/artistic, values, health and physical, and safety awareness. Student growth will be achieved by a well-educated and dedicated faculty; modern, clean and well-equipped facilities; carefully selected books and learning aids; and loyal, committed and well-trained support personnel.

    Sayen’s curriculum emphasizes the importance of communication skills through targeted instruction in reading, writing, and speaking.  Mathematics, Science and Technology skills prepare students for life in the twenty-first century.  Social Studies, Art, Music, Library, Health and Physical Education prepare students to be productive, healthy, and creative members of society.

    Sayen believes a diverse and inclusive community helps us grow into more informed citizens better prepared to make a positive change in our world. Our program at Sayen School will be supported by a strong, dedicated and active parent-teacher association; an active school/community; and volunteers to include parents and ROBINs.