• Welcome to the Yardville Elementary School!


    Yardville Elementary School cultivates an atmosphere of learning that allows teachers to learn alongside each student every day. Our goals support our mission of students taking responsibility for their learning. We promote high academic achievement, courteous conduct, and a strong home/school/community partnership. The students of Yardville Elementary School rise to the challenges set before them and at the same time are respectful and work to uphold the pillars of good character. Yardville staff recognize our students at monthly assemblies for good character and citizenship. Our staff, families and community are committed to the ethical, social, and academic growth of students through character education, collaboration, and hard work.

    Our comprehensive academic program is delivered in a nurturing, engaging, and technology-rich learning environment. Alignment of our philosophy, core content curriculum, instructional materials, and assessment instruments has resulted in a meaningful and relevant educational program. Students are provided with cognitively challenging activities that lead to high levels of achievement during their literacy block and mathematics block. They learn to collaborate with others, persevere in their problem-solving, think critically, and express themselves in a variety of ways.

    Striving to meet the needs of all learners within Yardville Elementary School, there exists sensitivity to the individual abilities of our students and an ongoing pursuit for new methodologies to sustain our caring, nurturing, and supportive learning environment. Student support services allow us to focus on the whole child and properly support their physical, social and emotional well-being. The highly competent staff of Yardville Elementary consistently provides quality instruction and continually expands their repertoire of educational skills by participating in professional learning opportunities both within and outside our school. The teachers are constantly reflecting on their own learning and developing new teaching strategies based on current research and best practices through in-house workshops and collaborative book studies.

    Yardville families, through our very active PTA, engage in numerous school activities and events that reinforce educational goals, promote achievement, and motivate learners. As partners in the educational process, family volunteers continue to make valuable contributions of time and resources toward the implementation of our goals. We have several programs which model for students the importance of giving back and volunteerism. Parents, teachers, and students work together to provide support and resources to the neediest families in our community. YES This Week!, a digital parent newsletter is shared every other week to keep the Yardville community well informed of our students’ accomplishments, school programs and events. Families are encouraged to reaffirm their commitment to their child’s education and to take an active role in the process.

    Yardville Elementary School uses every available resource to challenge students, increase their level of achievement, and provide experiences that foster a love of learning. We encourage our students to creatively explore and expand their individual talents and to learn the skills necessary for citizenship in the 21st Century. The professional staff models the values of life-long learning by developing and participating in professional development opportunities such as book studies, professional learning communities and involvement in a variety of committees dedicated to increasing student achievement. Input from all stakeholders remains a priority and we entertain any suggestions, will gladly answer questions, and address any concerns about our academic program.