Principal's Message

  • Students Taking Action and Responsibility for Success

    Dear Yardville STARS Families: 

    For those of you new to our Yardville Family, welcome! And for those of you returning, welcome back! My name is Rich Czyz, and I am the proud Principal here at Yardville Elementary School.  At our school we are amazed each day at the continued efforts of our tremendous staff and our Yardville families in providing meaningful learning opportunities and experiences for our children. 

    On my first day of teaching, my mentor told me, “Every decision that you ever make should be made in the best interests of students.” This principle has guided me throughout my career as an educator. My goal is to establish an environment that allows for students to engage in relevant and meaningful learning opportunities. Everyone who serves in the life of a child has a most important role. Parents, teachers, support staff, administrators, and any others who interact with students on a daily basis must create an environment where students can become their best selves. It is my pleasure to work collaboratively to help our students learn and grow, and I look forward to being a part of this journey with all of you. 

    I am always available if you have any questions or concerns! Please call me (609-631-4170) or email me ( if you need to reach me. 


    Rich Czyz