Principal's Message

  • Yardville Heights Elementary School continues to make an important contribution to its surrounding community. It provides a quality K - 5 educational program that addresses the intellectual, social, physical, and emotional growth of our students and delivers curriculum that meets their diverse needs.

    The Yardville Heights Staff routinely participates in research-based Professional Learning Communities (PLCs), establishes Professional Development Plan goals, and receives support from the principal to integrate best practices and strategies in the classroom.

    Yardville Heights School maintains an atmosphere that enables teachers to teach and students to learn.  Our goals promote high academic achievement, courteous conduct, and stress the importance of working together cooperatively.  The students of Yardville Heights School respect the rights of others and demonstrate an appreciation and acceptance of all cultures.  Especially noteworthy is the fact that our highly motivated students enjoy school and work diligently to make Yardville Heights School and its community a better place for all. 

    Yardville Heights School was recognized as a “Star School” by the New Jersey State Department of Education for its “Earlyact Program: Partnership in Citizenship, Character Development, and Service Learning.”  Yardville Heights also was recognized as a “Best Practice School” for its “Children’s Design & Engineering Technology Program” by the New Jersey State Department of Education.  Yardville Heights School is presently the only elementary school within the Hamilton Township Public Schools honored by the New Jersey State Department of Education with both “Star School” and “Best Practice” recognition. 

    The highly competent staff of Yardville Heights consistently provides quality instruction and continually expands their repertoire of educational skills by participating in professional development opportunities.  Instruction at the elementary level in the district has been refined.  Alignment of our philosophy, common core content curricula, instructional materials, and assessment instruments has produced a more relevant educational program.  

    Our successful student performance is a result of a strong home/school partnership.  Parents engage in numerous school activities and events that reinforce educational goals, promote achievement, and motivate learners.  As partners in the educational process, parent volunteers continue to make valuable contributions of time and resources toward the implementation of our school level plan.  PTA involvement and support provide an additional basis for our success. Parents are encouraged to reaffirm their commitment to their child’s education and to take an active role in the process. 

    Additionally, within the Yardville Heights School, there exists a sensitivity to the individual needs and abilities of our students and an ongoing pursuit for new methodologies to sustain our caring, nurturing, and supportive learning environment.  The guidance and health services provided by the guidance counselor and the nurse assist us with focusing on the whole child and determining his/her physical and emotional well-being. 

    We will use every available resource to challenge our students, increase their level of achievement, and provide experiences that foster a love of learning and allow children to creatively explore and expand individual talents.  The professional staff values your input and remains available to entertain your suggestions and answer your questions. 

    An outstanding and caring staff, a supportive and active group of parents and an educational program that makes learning an interesting and productive process for our children, continue to make Yardville Heights School the special place it is.