About Alexander Elementary School

  • Alexander School is a suburban elementary school serving just over 300 students in a neighborhood school setting in Hamilton Township, NJ. Alexander School has an outstanding reputation as being a school where the teachers and support staff are all committed to providing the best possible education for each and every child. Our goal is to keep up with current trends in education, but also allow students to build lasting positive memories and take ownership of their learning. 

    “Success for All Students” is our mission at Alexander School and our student achievement is the result of a strong home/school partnership. A motivated and respected teaching staff provides quality instruction each day. Teachers at Alexander continuously expand their content knowledge and classroom strategies by taking advantage of numerous professional development opportunities, as well as working as a team to collaborate best practices. Parents, as partners in the educational process through our outstanding PTA, continue to make valuable contributions of time and resources to support both students and teachers. Parents take part in numerous school activities and events that reinforce educational goals, promote achievement, and motivate learners. 

    It is important to recognize that children have a wide variety of abilities and talents. Alexander School’s nurturing staff ensures that students grow not only academically, but socially, emotionally, and physically. Our elementary school students are provided with a comprehensive academic program that is delivered in a positive learning environment. Activities are often student led, with the teacher acting as a facilitator of the learning. Our aim is to educate the “whole child” by allowing each individual student to build on his or her own unique talents. Technology is certainly an integral part of instruction at Alexander School and each year we look to enhance what we can offer students by upgrading computer hardware, looking into new software, and ensuring that our teaching staff has the appropriate professional development. The goal is not to simply expose students to technology, but to have students use technology in their daily education to enhance their learning and improve the quality of their school work.

    Alexander School maintains an atmosphere of mutual respect that enables teachers to teach and students to learn. Our school’s goals promote courteous conduct and stress the importance of working cooperatively. The children of Alexander School respect the rights of others and demonstrate an appreciation and acceptance of all cultures. Especially noteworthy is the fact that students enjoy school and are motivated to work very hard to make our school a better place for all.

    Both parents and educators face many challenges in preparing our children for the world they will face as they continue their education into adulthood. Technology is driving our society and helping us achieve things we never thought possible. However, it is also placing additional demands on our children in order for them to be successful. At Alexander School we know we must take on the challenges and embrace the changes that are coming in education, but at the same time not lose sight that children still need time to be children.