Counseling Office

  • Megan Carrigg
    School Counselor
    P: (609) 631-4148 Ext 3656


    Hello Alexander School Families!

    My name is Megan Carrigg, and I am your new School Counselor.  I am excited about becoming part of the Alexander School Community.  


    Our Counseling Program

    Our counseling program includes Individual and Group Counseling for students experiencing difficulties.  A student may see Mrs. Carrigg when they are:

    • Having trouble making friends
    • Anxious about attending school or completing school work
    • Having a problem with family or friends
    • Experiencing the loss of a loved relative, friend, or pet
    • Experiencing a divorce, marriage, new sibling, or other change in the family

    Referrals for parents to access mental health resources in the community can be provided.

    Conflict Resolution

    At the beginning of the school year, each class is refreshed on Naomi Drew's Win/Win Conflict Resolution Guidelines.  When conflicts arise between students throughout the year, they are encouraged to use the Win/Win guidelines to help resolve problems peacefully.  Mrs. Carrigg is available to assist students in resolving a conflict.

    Character Education

    Activities throughout the year that promote the development of good character, i.e., Respect, Responsibility, Kindness, Empathy,  Citizenship, Fairness, Trustworthiness, Tolerance and Diversity.

    Classroom Lessons

    Classroom lessons are taught in each classroom throughout the year.  The Hamilton Township Elementary Counseling Curriculum focuses on Personal/Social, Academic, and Career Development. 

    Lunch Bunch

    All students are invited to have lunch with Mrs. Carrigg and friends in the counseling office.  Lunch Bunch is a fun time for students to gather, eat, play games and talk.