Principal's Message

  • Welcome to the James W. Alexander School!  James W. Alexander (1869-1962) was the Supervising Principal of the Hamilton Township Schools from 1916 to 1939.  Alexander School recently celebrated its 50th year in 2014!

    Hamilton Township is a town rich in tradition with a commitment to excellence, and Alexander Elementary School is a fine example of this, with motivated teaching and support staff that are highly respected throughout the district.  The school mission is “Success For All Students.” By providing quality instruction, as well as a host of enrichment activities, the school is a place where every child can thrive and meet his or her full potential.

    It is important to recognize that children have a wide variety of abilities and talents.  A nurturing staff must ensure that they grow not only academically, but socially, emotionally, and physically.  Equally important is the idea that the students, teachers, parents, and all other school staff must work together to best meet the needs of every child. 

    Alexander School’s PTA is recognized and respected as a very strong and involved unit. Research indicates that parent involvement is crucial to a child’s success in school, and student achievement at Alexander School definitively reflects this.

    Parents and educators face many challenges in preparing our children for the world they will face as they continue their education into adulthood.  Technology is driving our society and helping us achieve things we never thought possible.  However, it is also placing additional demands on our children in order for them to be successful.  We must take on the challenges and embrace the changes that are coming in education, but at the same time not forget that children still need time to be children.  

    Joseph Bookholdt

    Alexander Elementary School



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