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     Kathleen Raney RN MSN CSN


    Lia Rivera, Clerical Assistant

    Phone: 609-631-4168 x 3340

    Fax: 609-631-4187

    Office Hours 7:30 am – 2:45pm


    First Aid
    The nurse is available for immediate first aid for injuries or illnesses occurring during the school day.

    All students must comply with New Jersey immunization requirements or they will be excluded from school. Immunization records are kept on file in the nurse’s office for each active student.

    A student without proper authorization may take no medication, including over the counter, in school. The physician must complete medication forms. The parent must complete a self-medication form for a student to self medicate with an inhaler or Epi-pen for allergies.

    In order to participate in a sport, the student must be properly registered by seeing the coach and the nurse. The nurse will determine if the student has a current physical. A current physical should have been completed within 365 days of the first day of practice/tryouts. Students must have their physicals performed at their own doctor’s office. Physicals must be completed using the forms provided by the district, please see below.